A mnemonic for remembering the Cisco Syslog levels

If you, like me, find that you are struggling with all the Cisco nutty details that you are required to learn from heart for your exam, then of course having a mnemonic can help you achieve just that. So I came up with a ridiculous mnemonic to remember the SYSLOG levels in the right order:

Eat Apple Cider Even When Not in Dublin


Eat -> Emergency (0)

Apple -> Alert (1)

Cider -> Critical (2)

Even -> Error (3)

When -> Warning (4)

Not -> Notification (5)

In -> Information (6)

Dublin -> Debug (7)

I know its a ridiculous sentence and you do not EAT cider, but as i lived in Ireland for a while, i could not resist the urge to refer to it.

I hope it can help you memorizing trivia like this.

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