International experience

Mr. Leemans has delivered courses and / or contract work in the following countries: The Netherlands (Sun Microsystems, Nokia, KPN Telecom, Logica CMG, Global Knowledge, HP, IBM, Oracle), Belgium (Oracle, HP, Sun Microsystems), Germany (Nokia, Sun Microsystems), Poland (Sun Microsystems), Norway (Global Knowledge), Sweden (Global Knowledge), Finland (Finland, Sun Microsystems, HP), Portugal (Sun Microsystems), Romania (Sun Microsystems), The Czech Republic (Nokia and Logica CMG / Sun Microsystems), Serbia (Serbia Telecom via ComponentSoft Hungary), The United States (For HP via Sun Microsystems), Cyprus (Hellenic via ComponentSoft), Israel (Sun Microsystems), The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (Sun Microsystems), Dubhai (Sun Microsystems and New Horizions), Turkey (Sun Microsystems), The Republic or Ireland (Dell Computers Limited), and the United Kingdom (Sun Microsystems).