Let’s get real again, let’s get our lives back again

The digital revolution has led modern people into such a social isolation that despite the many social media, we seem to be swallowed as a whole into nothingness.

So we try to make sense of our  lives,- that inadvertently gets shallower with every tweet or Facebook entry-, and start following others that seem to have it all together. Last week I saw an article on Yahoo.com where the author went into great detail about the gel-nails that Michel Obama was apparently wearing at some event.. It is so profoundly sad that it has come to this. Honestly: who gives a flying colour?!!!

Ironic as it may sound in a blog.. isn’t it about time we ALL get our acts together as people, stop spending so much time looking at other’s people’s lives on the web and start rebuilding and reliving our own?! We can no longer pursue to alienate whole generations of people,- especially the young-, from our own superficial meaningless digital lives. And for peat’s sake, stop FOLLOWING people on Facebook and what have you. Create your OWN path! Lets go to a sport event again, or meet up with a friend and have a drink. Visit a cinema or go fishing. Pick up a bicycle (that “thing” without a motor) and start Cycling.┬áStart living again.

So here’s my pledge:

“Let’s get real again, let’s get our lives back again”

PS: Mrs. Obama has my sincere admiration for her “Let’s move” campaign.


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